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  • We will pay out $120 per week for skins.  We will figure these with and without handicaps this season.

  • The first three weeks will be figured without handicaps as we will be playing theses weeks establishing everyone’s handicap at Sable Creek.

  • Once handicaps are established, weeks four through six will be figured with handicaps.  

  • Week seven will be figured without handicaps,

  • Week eight with handicaps.

  • We will then alternate without / with the remainder of the season.  

  • Subs are welcomed to participate in skins using your gross score until your handicap is established. 

  • Subs can participate in skins by paying $5 per round, payable the day they sub.  Participation is optional.  The $5 will be applied toward the end of the year tournament costs. 

Image by Steven Shircliff
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